About MPEG

Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc. (MPEG) based in Billings, Montana.  Historically the company’s core business has been the syndication of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) through the creation of private equity funds.  Institutional and corporate investors contribute to these funds, providing a source of equity investment capital.  MPEG, in turn, makes this capital available to developers of LIHTC projects in exchange for the federal tax credits allocated to the project.  A relatively high proportion of equity-to-debt results from these investments, a capital structure that allows the project owner to offer below-market rents for income qualified tenants.

Given its role and responsibilities in financing numerous multi-family projects, MPEG brings to bear considerable experience and expertise in predevelopment analysis and project development.  Where appropriate, MPEG is now utilizing this expertise to assume a more active role as the developer and owner to facilitate projects where there is a recognized need for housing and for other development opportunities.  These services can apply to affordable housing, market-rate housing, and commercial development projects.